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Ted Bundy (The Psychopathy diaries- 1)

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:29 pm
Ted Bundy, the very name sends chills down many people's spines. The name that terrifies common minds and continues to haunt the lives of many. Ted Bundy was one of America's most notorious serial killers, necrophile and rapist. What he did, Who he was, Why he did, are all questions beyond any human. No one can live Ted Bundy's life. A handsome, charismatic and intelligent man, who was spending his early years of University with his girlfriend and chinese, evolved into one of the most crooked and criminal mind in the history of the world itself. People believe that it was the break up with his girlfriend Stephanie Brooks that proved to be pivotal in Bundy's life. But even after his initial devastation, Bundy went on to study Law and actually manage to find a path to distinct and respected position. There exists no data on when and how Ted Bundy started killing young women, He claims it was around 1969 but let's face it, You cannot really trust Ted Bundy. The clever fox even managed to lie to his lawyer, who defended him through his trials, only to have Bundy pleade guilty in the end. Speak of a dangerous man. But what is most frightening about Bundy isnt the gruesome things he did to the young women he got, it was rather the idea that he blended in perfectly with everyone. He was a handsome young man, people trusted him when they looked at him. Studious and funny at the same time, He was probably the last person people would think as a serial killer. But look how it all turned out eh?
Do let me know your thoughts. Keep the discussion restricted to Bundy and Psychopathy please.
Thank You.
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